Catherine Loveday (GBR)

Neuroscientist and author


Catherine is a Professor of Neuropsychology at the University of Westminster. Her research focuses on the brain basis of both music and autographical memory. She is particularly interested in why memories of music are so enduring, and so central to our sense of self, imagination, emotional state and social functioning.


Catherine appears regularly as an expert psychologist in television and radio programmes, and was the resident expert for BBC Radio 3’s Music and Memory weekend, held in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust. She is passionate about public engagement with science and appears regularly at festivals, as well as writing for the media and making regular appearances on BBC Radio 4’s All In The Mind. She is also author of The Secret World of the Brain.


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Identity: Who Does Your Brain Think You Are

Vitesco Gamechangers stage
20. 7. 2024 15:00 - 16:00


An expert in the neuropsychology of memory and ageing, Catherine explores the role of memory, and autobiographical memory in our understanding of our identity. Also fascinated by music and the brain, she reveals strategies to reconnect with the memories that shape us.