Bob Kartous (CZE)

Political activist


Bob is a professional provocateur of social debate, political activist, university teacher and columnist.



Bob has long been involved in the topic of disinformation and fake news, the phenomenon of hoaxes and their impact on society. His other domain is educational innovation. He is currently the Vice-Rector of the University of Economics and Management, program strategist at the Opero Business Hub, and advisor to two members of the Czech Government. In 2023, he is launching a start-up focused on mental health of teenagers.

Bob regularly contributes to the media, presents and speaks at cultural and academic events. He is a spokesperson for Czech Elves, a group mapping the disinformation scene in the Czech Republic.

In 2019, he published the book No Future – Na parním stroji do virtuální reality (On a Steam Engine to Virtual Reality), on which he writes a sequel this year. He is co-author of Za zrcadlem: Hybridní válka jako staronový fenomén mezinárodních vztahů (Behind the Looking Glass: Hybrid Warfare as an Old Phenomenon of International Relations, 2022) and co-author of the comic book Jak nebýt za tro(t)lla (How Not to Be a Troll), which conveys the problem of disinformation to teenagers.