Anna Fančovičová (CZE)



Anna is a community midwife providing one-to-one care to women in pregnancy, labour and the six weeks postpartum. She has been actively involved in promoting and raising awareness of the topics of natural childbirth, active vertical birthing positions and the importance of breastfeeding, emphasising the importance of a positive experience from giving birth regardless of the method.


Anna graduated in Midwifery from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ostrava, and has been educating herself in the support of physiological childbirth in Czechia and abroad. She gained her experience in a smaller regional maternity hospital SZZ Krnov which was, a couple of years ago, very popular for supporting natural and water birth.
Since 2018, she has been involved in community care that takes place in the client's home environment. Currently, she actively cooperates with the maternity and perinatology centre of the University Hospital Ostrava, the aforementioned maternity hospital in Krnov and the Propolis33 foundation. She is an active member of the Union of Midwives (UNIPA) and the Association for Midwives and Birth Centres (APODAC).
Anna’s work combines the benefits of individual community care with expert medical care in modern, well-equipped maternity hospitals. In the home environment, she provides pregnancy consultations, individual couple preparations for childbirth, breastfeeding support and newborn care. She promotes this one-to-one care as the safest, most beneficial, the least expensive and most efficient option in the healthcare system.