Andrej Drbohlav (CZE)

Ethopedist and psychotherapist


Andrej Reiben Drbohlav is mainly engaged in research and therapeutic work with children and adolescents at IBSARO — Institute of Behavioural Studies. His work often deals with the topics of anger, aggression, violence, lying and serious behavioural disorders. In addition, he is interested in psychological anthropology and behavioural pathology, and is currently mainly researching the meaning of daydreaming or the development of an aggressive personality.


Andrej is the author of bestselling books on the psychology of serial and mass murderers. He cooperates externally with the Police of the Czech Republic, teaches at the Department of Psychology at the University of Ostrava and organizes lectures for the general public and professionals, as well as children's therapy camps. He is also an artist, using the pseudonym Andy Reiben, and plays guitar in the funk rock band TVL.