Veronika Živa (CZE)

Lecturer, founder of the Kus Kakaa brand


Veronika is a lecturer and producer of Movement Medicine ecstatic dance workshops, a cacao ritual guide, and founder of the ceremonial cacao brand Kus Kakaa. Her passion is to spread the medical capabilities and potential of real cacao. In doing so, she creates bridges between our modern culture and the cultures where cacao originates, bridges between the sacred and the ordinary.


Throughout her professional life, Veronica has been following the path of yoga, ecstatic dance, and mysticism, and her practice has become increasingly more simple and ordinary. She completed a 7-year study of Movement Medicine dance in England and brought this practice to the Czech Republic. She loves rituals, especially dance rituals that last 3 days or more, but also shorter ones that support a fulfilled day-to-day life.