Milan Anděl (CZE)

Marketing manager, idea maker, and sustainable development strategist


The passion for nature, design, and order creates Milan´s living environment. He sees the world from a strategic point of view, which is related to his fondness for long-distance running. That, along with other concepts and ideas that steer the general public towards the right approach to the environment, is where the success of his communication agency MamiArt comes from.


Milan Anděl, founder of the communication agency MamiArt and a former researcher at the University of Ostrava, deals with topics such as sustainability and circularity of materials or destination management, he is also devoted to the study of foreign legislation and practice of waste management systems and their possible transfer to the Czech environment. He is the author of a number of successful communication concepts, regional development strategies, and business strategies for companies, start-ups, cities, and products.
His biggest communication success is the world-unique Clean Festival concept implemented in 2010, which won a nomination for the most prestigious Czech marketing award Effie (2021). The most inspiring is his idea of the Thank the Mountains event, a mass cleaning project in nature, which has spread throughout the Czech Republic and abroad in various forms. Due to his work in the Association of Communication Agencies, Milan's number one current topic is the setting of ESG principles in the evaluation of companies, communication campaigns, and strategies.