Martina Viktorie Kopecká (CZE)

Priest of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church


Martina is a parish priest, psychotherapist, crisis interventionist, and since 2021, a goodwill ambassador. It was only through her job in a corporation that she found out what she didn't want to do in life, and she started looking for her own path. Studying Theology became her passion, so she decided to follow the voice of her heart and become a clergywoman.


Martina studied Theology at Charles University in Prague and then Psychology and Special pedagogy later on. Her path towards faith was not easy, but now she knows that it has been the right one. As a parish priest, Martina serves God and people, baptizes, weds couples, accompanies people on their last journey, and gives regular church services. Since 2013, she has been a member of the central executive committee of the World Council of Churches. Pope Francis awarded her a medal for her ecumenical activity and invited her to participate in the bishop's synod in the Vatican as the only ordained woman.
Martina further educates herself, tries to broaden her horizons, and learns to ride a bicycle. She has recently completed psychotherapy training in Family Therapy for Psychosomatic Disorders and is currently training in Pesso Boyden Therapy. She is an enthusiastic reader and writes a blog about the life of a parish priest, which was also published as a book. She appeared in the last season of the Czech StarDance show.