Ksenya Shymanska (UKR)

Head of the Human Rights Department of NGO Docudays


Ksenya has worked in the human rights civil sector for 15 years after beginning her path as a volunteer monitoring peaceful gatherings for the OZON Civil Observation Group of the Center for Civil Liberties NGO.



She later joined national and international advocacy projects, helped document human rights violations, participated in international solidarity projects and international educational human rights schools. She has organised national and international conferences in the civil sector, the National Ukrainian Human Rights NotConference, the Volunteer Award Euromaidan SOS. Between 2018 and 2021, she was a member of the board of the Center for Civil Liberties NGO.
In 2019, she joined the NGO Docudays team, in which she is responsible for developing the Rights Now! human rights programme of the Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary film Festival, for implementing human rights campaigns (currently it is the Nationwide Ukrainian Campaign of NGO Docudays Together for Safe Childbirth!, and previously it was the Nationwide Ukrainian Docudays UA Campaign Against Cyberbullying), for the human rights component of the Docudays UA Travelling International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival and of the DOCU/CLUB Network, and for organising human rights events on the platform of the Docuspace Online Cinema. And she was also a member of the international jury of Sofia and Bishkek Documental Film Festivals (2022).