Irena Smetáčková (CZE)

Head of the Department of Psychology at the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University


She specializes in educational and social psychology. At the Faculty of Education of Charles University she teaches future psychologists and psychologists, whom she tries to motivate to work in the fields of school and counselling psychology.


She also gives lectures on how to support effective learning and personal development. She believes that school is a life-changing place, and every child deserves to meet a good teacher. To do their best work, teachers need support - including support from school psychologists and psychologists.
Irena studied psychology, education, and sociology at Charles University. Later, she focused on educational psychology, in which she earned a doctorate and a lectureship. She has worked with a number of organizations - from the government office and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport to non-profit organizations such as Prague Pride and Gender Studies. She has conducted or participated in more than 20 research projects.