Adéla Knapová (CZE)

Writer and journalist, founder of the ONE HEART Foundation


She is known for her novels, novellas, and especially for her original reports for the Czech magazine Reflex, where she has been one of the core writers for over thirteen years. She won many awards for her work and she is also an active campaigner for animal rights.


She drew attention to herself with her first ever reports for the Koktejl magazine and then in 2003 with her first and very successful novel Uninvited, which she herself calls invalid now. In 2016, she published a novel, Nemožnost nuly, which Český rozhlas listed among the best Czech and foreign books of the year. Her critically acclaimed novel Slabikář was published in 2017, followed by the book Předvoj two years later, and this year, she published a novel autofiction Zbabělé zápisky z Ukrajinské války, inspired by her reporting journey through war-torn Ukraine. Adéla also publishes short stories and essays and is the author of a series of one-act plays.
She founded the ONE HEART Foundation to improve the quality of life of animals and along with Jane Goodall, Judi Dench, Brian Cox, and Alan Cumming, she is a visionary and patron of the international CIWF campaign. She lives in Prague and partly in Greece, which she considers her second home.