About Meltingpot

Our motto is “Ideas without Borders”. We bring current topics, inspiring and unconventional opinions, innovative and timeless thoughts from our home country as well as various corners of the world. Meet inspirational personalities across disciplines and cultures. Their ideas without borders have the power to move the boundaries within us.

Meltingpot forum history


History of the Meltingpot Forum
The first year of Meltingpot took place in 2016. Our great desire to learn and discover was the impulse for its establishment. We followed the tradition of discussion scenes at the music festival Colours of Ostrava. We wanted to create a separate original space for sharing ideas and opinions, a place for dialogue and innovation. Our goal has been "Ideas without Borders", a multi-genre discussion forum open to everybody. During the first three years of Meltingpot over sixty thousand visitors had the opportunity to meet more than five hundred guests from all over the world.



Creating history together!

We look forward to you on July 15th18th, 2020!


Meltingpot was enriched with two new stages - the Big Bang stage, focused on physics, and the George stage, focused on innovation. It has been the biggest edition so far with the largest number of speakers from 25 countries on 10 stages, and more than 30.000 spectators. The program of the forum was held in the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci, in the spirit of the unity of science and arts, and covered a wide range of topics. As in previous years, we made video interviews with selected speakers for the Voices of Meltingpot project.

Speakers: Joe Davis, Donna de Lory, Mark Gungor, Ingrid Formanek, Manari Ushigua, Andrew Keen, Yan Mei, Tuvia Tenenbom, Devakant, John Perkins, Jim Clancy, Jeffrey A. Winters, Clemens Kuby, František Koukolík, Mnislav Zelený Atapana, Martin Hilský, Přemek Forejt, Petr Pavel, Tomki Němec and others





The third year of Meltingpot brought the largest national variety of performers - 202 speakers from 30 countries presented themselves to visitors. Twenty of them got involved in filming Voices of Meltingpot. You can watch their personal messages here. In addition to the eight stages in the festival venue of Colours of Ostrava, Meltingpot offered a rich accompanying program in the city center.
Speakers: Rüdiger Dahlke, John Perkins, Scilla Elworthy, Bruno Marion, Amit Goswami, Cheikh Lô, Barbara Winton, Jim Clancy, Bboy Neguin, Václav Cílek, Cyril Höschl, Martin Hilský, Radka Třeštíková, Jáchym Topol, Tomáš Sedláček and many others.



Meltingpot within four days of Colours of Ostrava confirmed the increased interest of visitors who could listen to 202 speakers from around the world. We launched the unique film project - Voices of Meltingpot, which keeps the personal messages of our guests alive. Among others you will find there the confessions of Mark Gungor, Zbigniew Czendlik, Dan Millman, Miroslav Stingl, or Ben Aaronovitch.

Other performers: Mike Chinoy, Sugata Mitra, Ben C Solomon, Benjamin Fischer, LP, Václav Bělohradský, Petr Dvořák, Igor Lukeš, Václav Cílek, Petruška Šustrová, Martin C. Putna and many others.





The beginning of Meltingpot. The very first year of the international discussion forum addressed 14,000 visitors. Lectures, discussions, artistic performances, film screenings, educational and creative workshops were presented on 10 stages. There were almost 150 speakers from 26 countries.

Speakers: Daniel Shechtman, Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, leading American theoretical physicist Leonard Mlodinow, writer Robert Fulghum, Steven Lee Myers, Clemens Kuby, Chris Hedges, Yusef Komunyaka, Guillaume Basset, Sidney Strauss, Timothy Snyder, Andrew Zubov, Margit Slimáková, Jan Zrzavý, Andrew Urbiš, Zdeněk Kratochvíl and others.