Markéta Klíčová (CZE)



Marketa is working on the development of new nanofibrous patches to cover the intestines after surgery and prevent serious postoperative complications. Her research is conducted in close collaboration with clinicians who lack such material on the market. Together they believe that the newly developed material will save patients' lives after surgery.


Markéta has won numerous awards for her research, including the Audience Award at the World Final of Falling Walls Lab 2018 in Berlin, recently the first prize for the best pharmaceutical research in 2023 from Sanofi in cooperation with the French Embassy in the Czech Republic, and an award from the Czech Minister of Education for excellence in her PhD studies. In 2020, Prof. Donald E. Ingber from Harvard Medical School recruited Marketa to his team, and she participated in the unique development of organs-on-a-chip, but due to the covid pandemic she had to return to the Czech Republic earlier.
She is currently mentoring other students involved in tissue engineering and biomedical research at the Technical University of Liberec. She regularly publishes her results in international scientific journals, is involved in the business sphere and collaborates on the development of biotechnological products with the Czech company IQS Group. It is important for Marketa to translate scientific results into real products and she tries to motivate young people for research. She believes that Czech ideas have a global reach and need to be talked about and presented on international platforms.