Helena Máslová (CZE)

psychogynekoložka, celostní lékařka


Dr Helena Maslova treats diseases and somatic problems by influencing the patient´s consciousness and energy. She is particularly interested in psychogynecology, women's health and reproduction from the perspective of psychosomatic contexts.



Helena graduated from the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague. She has worked in the gynaecology and obstetrics ward, in the inpatient internal ward and in the long-term care hospital. Her experience in all these departments led her to psychosomatic and primary medicine and eventually to the establishment of the Centre for Psychosomatic Care.
She works holistically with the patient's consciousness and energy because every experience has an impact on the whole body. Negative programming or unconscious reactions to adversity lead to overloading the human body on some level — most often the neuroendocrine. These are the remnants of our emotional wounds that have not healed. At the level of the body, which is essentially an electrolytic fluid, this causes a stagnation, a loss of smooth swirling movement. Consciousness, which is embodied in the whole body, either promotes the restoration of harmony, when the water cleanses itself, gets rid of toxins and the body regenerates, or the organism is already beyond the limit of possible renewal and processes of extinction set in. The driving force behind all these processes is, according to Helena, water.


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