Sue Halpern (USA)

author and journalist


Sue is a staff writer at The New Yorker magazine, where she covers intersection of politics and technology, and the author of a book that was made an Emmy-nominated film as well as six others that weren’t.



She is also a regular contributor to The New York Review of Books. She founded and edited that publication’s electronic books imprint, and has written for many other magazines, including The New York Times and Rolling Stone. She is a scholar-in-residence at Middlebury College, where she directs the program in narrative journalism.
Sue lives in Vermont with her husband, the writer and activist Bill McKibben, who also happens to be a speaker of Meltingpot Forum 2023. As a resident scholar, she introduces Middlebury College students to digital audio storytelling. She is a Guggenheim Fellow and Rhodes Scholar with a doctorate from Oxford.


Artificial Intelligence

Luxor stage
20. 7. 2023 15:45 - 16:45


Late last year, when OpenAI released its latest large language model, GPT-4, and then added it to its chat bot, ChatGPT, people were amazed, intrigued, appalled, concerned. Artificial intelligence is all around us and has been for years, but this development felt different-life-altering for us as individuals and for society. In this session, we’ll talk about the promise and perils of generative AI and where it is likely to take us in the future.