Michal Viewegh (CZE)

Bestselling author


Undoubtedly the most famous and successful Czech author, Michal Viewegh has written a number of novels, short stories, and feuilletons, many of which became national bestsellers and were made into films. Altogether, over a million copies of his books have been sold.


After his university studies, Michal worked shortly as a teacher at an elementary school, but in 1993 he left the profession and became an editor at the publishing house Český spisovatel (Czech Writer) for two years. From there it was just a step to full-time creative writing. In 1993, he already received the Jiří Orten Award, a major Czech award for writers.
In 2012, a serious health complication came into Michal's life. His aorta burst, he underwent a long recovery, then suffered from depression and memory lapses. But he survived and re-evaluated his outlook on some things in life. He got back to literature a year later, wrote a memoir, and has continued to write ever since.

Šedesát báječných let pod psa

Luxor stage
19. 7. 2023 18:00 - 19:00


An interview with one of the most famous Czech novelists, followed by the author's reading from his new book, Malý Gatsby a Carmen z Chodoriva.