Jasmína Houdek a Pavel Houdek (CZE)

Authors and instructors of the Modern Self-Defense project


Both became victims of violence and experienced traumatic situations in their youth. However, many years of effort, far from painless, paid off, and nowadays, they are helping others to defend their boundaries.


Husband and wife Pavel and Jasmína are the authors of the Moderní sebeobrana (Modern Self-Defense) concept and the book bestseller of the same name, used by readers as a weapon against psychos, aggressors, and other vermin. The Modern Self-Defense international organization aims for a world without violence, and Jasmína and Pavel are currently working on including their methods in the curriculum of primary schools and thus help raise a generation that will not tolerate and experience violence at all.

Moderní sebeobrana

Luxor stage
22. 7. 2023 15:00 - 16:00