Janax Pacha (ARG)

Multi-instrumentalist, DJ and music producer


A musical-spiritual experience from Argentina will transport you from the "Mother Earth" (Pachamama) to the "Land of Heaven" (Janax Pacha) through vibrations and sounds that are shaping a dance and movement ritual that is guaranteed to recharge you with new energy.


Gabriel Epstein, who is behind the Janax Pacha project, is a multi-instrumentalist and a music producer engaged in the fusion of electronic music with ethnic and tribal instruments such as flutes, kalimbas, didgeridoos, percussion, guitars, handpans and many others. His travels to different cultures and a connection with shamanism and rituals form the essence of his work.
"My message is, connect to yourself, connect to your nature. Enter your jungle with no fear," says Gabriel. While playing live sets or DJing, he creates vibes like a sonic alchemist, making his shows more than just dance parties – they're rituals.

Deep meditation with vibration

Good Life stage
21. 7. 2023 13:15 - 14:15


A Healing Ritual


DJ set

Cacao stage
21. 7. 2023 23:30 - 1:00