Alex Alvarova (CZE/CAN)

Expert on political marketing, Author of books on propaganda and disinformation


Alex is a Canadian author, recognized authority in political marketing and public relations, a sought-after seminar leader, facilitator, and public speaker.


In 2017, she wrote The Industry of Lies, a non-fiction work that introduces, outlines and fully supports a core concept: Russia used the 2013 presidential election in the Czech Republic as a trial run to perfect its hybrid-warfare aggression for altering the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential elections. In 2021, she published Feeding The Demons: The conquerors of America, a political thriller on bannonist behavioural BigTech propaganda. The story features the events of the American elections 2016 and how the propaganda machine was established to destroy America. Alex also wrote numerous expert articles on political marketing and algorithmic propaganda.