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Štěpán Rak (CZE)

guitar virtuoso and composer

„I love every miracle we call a concert.“


A World-class guitarist and composer, professor at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. This year it has been just 20 years since Štěpán Rak was named the first ever university professor of guitar in the Czech Republic by President Václav Havel. He wins hearts of his listeners by the intensity of experience, the interpretive mastery and the absolute fusion of the artist and the composer in one person with the soul of music.

  During his studies of guitar and compositions at the Prague Conservatory, Štěpán received important awards and began to teach guitar. He founded the guitar department at the Conservatory More…

Meet Štěpán Rak (CZE)

Štěpán and Jan-Matěj Rak playing a unique marble guitar and an authentic guitar from 1835
Dance around the linden tree - live performance
Štěpán playing a marble guitar