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Peter Sís (CZE/USA)

illustrator, artist and writer

„My dream would be to create a simple book by the end of my life that would have an impact on children all over the world without me worrying about selling it.“


His characters and animals are known to several generations of children. An artist with a rock and adventure spirit was one of the first DJs in Czechoslovakia in the 1960s. He currently lives in New York and is an internationally renowned author of children's books. Peter Sís created a lot of art projects, illustrations, animated films and won several awards for his long-term work. This year, a documentary film about Peter's magical world directed by his brother David will be premiered.

  Peter is the son of director Vladimír Sís so he grew up in an artistic environment. In his young years he played in a band, and since the 1960s was more than favorable for music lovers, More…

Meet Peter Sís (CZE/USA)

Interview with Peter Sís
Heads (1979)