Lecture in language


Martina Viktorie Kopecká (CZE)

pastor and psychotherapist

„I feel like God has shown his sense of humor in my case.“


She is young, beautiful and educated. You might expect to find her in a modern office. Instead, she goes to work in a splendid Baroque church in the middle of the capital. Thanks to her previous job in a big international corporation, she realized what she doesn‘t want to do in her life, and she started finding her own path – the path to God. She was awarded a medal for her ecumenical work from the hands of Pope Francis and invited to be the only consecrated woman – the clergy – to attend the Bishops' Synod in the Vatican.

  Martina Viktorie graduated from Charles University in Theology and later in Psychology and Special Pedagogy. She is currently preparing her dissertation work. During her studies she fell More…