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Margit Slimáková (CZE)

specialist in health prevention and nutrition

„In our country, there is still a huge social tolerance of unhealthiness and a dismissal of the importance of health prevention in general.“


A renowned and popular nutrition consultant who works, travels, educates, lectures and writes, has three children and an excess of energy. She therefore gives valuable advice on the topic of healthy nutrition and lifestyle. She claims that eating healthy is easy – just eat real food. She founded and heads the first Czech think-tank on health prevention called Globopol, which in its pilot project currently focuses on improving nutrition in hospitals. In 2018, she published the Very Personal Health Book, which immediately became a bestseller.

  Margit has always been interested in caring for human health. She soon found out that eating was the key. She studied pharmacy and dietology and has been involved in consulting, education, More…