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Lemma (ALG/FRA)

all-female music group from the Sahara desert

„They have always sung and performed, but in very confined spaces reserved for women. Thanks to Lemma, they realized how rich their musical heritage was and how strong they were. What they carry inside them, they now carry with dignity.“


A female choir, percussion, drums, metal castanets and the guitar of the world famous healer Hasna El Becharia. They sing, dance, clap and keep their eyes on their leader, the singer Souad Asla. Lemma invites you into the trance-like feminine energy of ritual Sufi songs with Berber rhythms. Discover the basics of traditional healing musical styles and learn how to sing mysterious mantras from the desert.

  The West addresses women's issues that have resonated in the Arab world for centuries. Lemma (which originally means an assembly) will create a closed sacred space at the festival, where More…

Meet Lemma (ALG/FRA)

Lemma performing at Womex 2019
Lemma at la Maison de la Radio, France