Lecture in language


Karel Kovy Kovář (CZE)

YouTuber and influencer

„I realized I was talking to a lot of young people. I don't just have to entertain them. I also want to share some information and values.“


We could hardly find anyone under 30 in the Czech Republic who doesn't know his face. He describes himself as an infludancer addicted to traveling, coffee, jogging and ice cream, an insane perfectionist, a creator of parodies and dubious tweets. Not only does Kovy entertain young people, but he can also sell more important, political and social issues. His YouTube channel called Kovy now has over 780,000 followers. In autumn 2019, he published a fiction book called iPohádka (i-Fairy Tale).

  On YouTube, he began as a Let‘s player, creating vlogs about playing computer games. Gradually, his work took a different direction. His current videos influence the public opinion of More…