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Bob Kartous (CZE)

expert on education

„In fact, I don't want more from the school system than my children to leave with a smile in the morning and return with a smile in the afternoon.“


Bob is a professional instigator of public discussion in the Czech Republic. He is the head of communications and analyst in the EDUin think-tank and the author of the Czech Education System Audit. He writes and comments on education in Czech media, speaking and hosting conferences and public events such as Meltingpot, Forum 2000, TEDx etc. In autumn 2019, he published a non-fiction book called No Future: Are we driving our children into virtual reality on a steam engine?

  Bob is also a member of the Rector’s Board at the University of Economics and Management in Prague and advisor to Jiří Drahoš, Chairman of the Education Committee in the Senate, upper More…