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Project Growing Into Music: Tradition with a Contemporary Voice

20. 7. 2018 19:45 - 20:45
Since 2009 Dr. Lucy Duran, the famous British African music specialist, has been engaged in the project Growing into Music which studies the passing on of centuries-old traditions through families in Mali, India, or Azerbaijan, in the legitimate fear that similar transmissions are on the decline. According to Lucy Duran, there is even a real danger that they will cease completely.
The production of the album Ladilikan was a part of the project, which the Malian Trio Da Kali recorded with the American string Kronos Quartet. The connection with the Kronos Quartet is built on the idea of rescuing the disappearing practices of the oral transmission of traditional music.

Trio da Kali (MLI)

Acoustic trio of the finest traditional griot musicians from Mali

Lucy DurĂ¡n (GBR)

Music publisher, ethnomusicologist, and producer