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Hold on tight to your dreams II. (workshop)

Good Life stage
20. 7. 2018 13:15 - 14:45
High & low dreams in relationships & in your life
All of us carry, from earlier times, different kinds of hopes and fears for life & meaningful relationships. In Processwork we call the hopeful visions the High Dreams, the fearful ones the Low Dreams. They offer orientation about our development & if we are on the track we have dreamt about. In our workshops we’ll offer exercises to explore your own and maybe also some collective Dreams and what has been keeping you from living them and how fear from Low Dreams might be protecting and hindering you as well. Please bring something to write along with your courage to dream, explore & share.

Ivan Verny (SVK/CHE)

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist

Marianne Verny (CHE)

Psychotherapist and psychiatrist