Insanely Gifted — how to access your inspiration and flow state

Good Life stage
20. 7. 2023 16:30 - 17:30


When we are in a flow state, connected to who we truly are rather than the chattering, anxious mind, then we can achieve easily all the things we get nervous about. To operate at full, successful potential the mind has to take a backseat while the real You takes over. Anxious feelings are a message from Life to drop back into the real Me, Presence, here-and-now-ness, because when we do that, and allow the false-controller to let go, all our endeavours go brilliantly. And it only takes 5 seconds of focus…
We will Rediscover techniques and paths for effortlessly accessing the imagination and creation realms, increase confidence and sense of personal power in ALL areas of life, and free yourself from any imprisoning or limiting beliefs which have held you back.

Jamie Catto (GBR)

Musician, Filmmaker, Author