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Vilem Spilka Quartet - jazz night concert (forum's accompanying programme)

Global stage
18. 7. 2019 0:00 - 1:00

Vilém Spilka - Guitar, Radek Zapadlo - Tenor, Alto, Soprano Sax, Vlastimil Trllo - Acoustic Bass, Martin Kleibl - Drums

Blend jazz, folk and other contemporary influences, add a pinch of experiment, sprinkle with the local melodic patterns and you get a band called the Vilém Spilka Quartet. The conscious musical roots of the members lie in varied jazz histories, but the subconscious ones spring to the surface just as vehemently. As the saxophonist Radek Zapadlo, bassist Vlastimil Trllo, drummer Martin Kleibl and guitarist Vilém Spilka share their love for improvisation and re-shaping interesting musical material, they logically meet in a band that allows them to bring their ideas to the world in an undisturbed shape.