Code your own robot. Interactive lecture with Deloitte RPA Experts: Pavel Hotovec, Jana Foitziková a Pavel Haberzettl.
Vojtěch Dyk - About Mass
Katharina Zellweger - Mother Theresa of North Korea
Alex Mvuka Ntung - Different Colors, One People: A Personal Journey
Horia Mosadiaq - Defending Human Rights in Afghanistan. Mission Impossible?
Radek Jaroš - Crown of Himalaya – The Story Goes On
Pavel Gruber, Tomáš Šebek, Martina Jurigová, Eva Kušíková - Invisible Heroes - Life and Work in War
Igal Mizrahi - Gulaza: Past and Future of Israeli Music
Nathaly Charria
Gillian Ferrabee - Celebrating and Elevating Creativity
Rudiger Dahlke - Own responsibility for a Healthy Life
Scilla Elworthy, John Perkins - PEACE IS POSSIBLE
Bruno Marion, Amit Goswami - Thrive in Chaos
Karel Kovy Kovář
Food Blogging: How to cook your way to success
Carlo Capablo, Martin Hausenblas - Can´t Take it Anymore?
Soňa Jonášová, Adam Podhoha, Tomáš Sedláček - Society of Aboundance and Consumption
Pavel Kysilka, Mikuláš Bek, Bob Kartous - Czech Education System as a Ship of Fools