Lecture in language


Zbigniew Jan Czendlik (POL/CZE)

Catholic priest and writer

„You need to go where the people are. And build bridges among these people.“


A Roman Catholic priest of Polish nationality, Zbigniew Jan Czendlik aka Zibi, living in the Czech Republic. He is known for his distinctive attitude towards faith, religion and Christian values. He is not afraid to go upstream, to be religiously incorrect. At the same time, he is classy, warm-hearted, attentive, surprisingly open and social. He hosts his own talk show on Czech TV. One of his interviews was published as a book and was very successful with readers.

  He studied the seminar and Theological Faculty in Katowice, Poland. He came to the Czech Republic in 1992, starting at the rectory in Náchod. Since 1997, he has been working in Lanškroun. More…