Lecture in language


Yvonna Fričová (CZE)

writer and publisher, member of Checomacoco association

„In Paraguay, the country where the indigenous people are mixed with immigrants, a story of relationship between a European and an Indian is not uncommon. But we attract attention by owning up to this kinship, traveling there repeatedly, bringing a modest help from the Czech Republic and believing that it will be useful for them.“


She studied journalism and works as an editor and writer. She manages the professional and literary estate of the legendary Czech traveler, ethnographer and cactus grower A. V. Frič (1882–1944) and gradually publishes his revised work. With her husband, photographer Pavel Frič, they founded a small independent publishing house Titanic in 1992, which is associated with a number of art book projects and awarded for their usage of photography.

  Their publishing house is one of the few in the Czech Republic to deal with Ibero-American topics. In 2005, the Frič couple initiated the establishment of the Checomacoco association, More…