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Stanislav Mišák (CZE)

Expert in the area of energy engineering, Head of the ENET Research Centre

„Contemporary population enjoys total freedom using all available technologies and information systems. Nevertheless, in order to make the use effective, it is necessary to engage common sense and be aware of the responsibility for the state of the Earth for future generations.“


He has devoted his life to the issue of effective energy management. Professor Stanislav Mišák is the Head of the ENET Research Centre at the VSB - Technical University of Ostrava. This university institute has unique laboratory facilities staffed by experienced experts who develop new methods and equipment to secure energy self-sufficiency and raw material self-reliance of our region or the whole country. This is motivated by efforts to make an effective use of wastes, maximum exploitation of local renewable resources as well as by support of accumulation means to control energy flows in accordance with the national and EU energy concepts.

  He is the main researcher of the National Energy Engineering Centre that associates a consortium of 24 partners of research organizations and representatives of companies across the Czech More…