Lecture in language


Silvester Lavrík (SVK)

novelist, playwright and screenwriter

„I fell passionate about writing and I write because I must. More precisely, it is a very joyful, though complicated and unsettling and sometimes hurtful activity for me, but I cannot really resist.“


This year, his acclaimed book Nedělní šachy s Tisem (Sunday Chess with Tiso) is being presented to Czech readers. Silvester Lavrík is a renowned Slovak writer, playwright, screenwriter and lyricist. He has written short stories, poems, novels, and has been cooperating with Slovak and Czech theatres as a screenwriter and director. He has won several awards for his plays, including the Alfred Radok Award.

  He started as a teacher of Slovak language and arts, then he spent several years working manually and playing in an amateur theatre before finally obtaining a degree in theatre direction. More…