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Přemek Forejt (CZE)

chef, influencer, juror in MasterChef Czech Republic

„I need to think about food and I also require the same from my guests when I cook - to wonder why food tastes like this, why I combine these tastes and the like. It must be fun. And I look for it on a plate and as a juror as well.“


He doesn´t deny that he likes to show off. His kitchen in the Entrée Restaurant in Olomouc is open to guests' eyes. In addition, this year he takes part in the TV competition MasterChef. And definitely he has something to offer. He has been working in the field of top gastronomy for more than fifteen years, has work experience from the best restaurants in the Czech Republic and abroad. He has enough courage and, above all, the desire to go on, get better and experiment.

  He started in the Michelin restaurant L 'Autre Pied in London under the chefs Marcus Eaves and Andy McFadden. After returning home in 2012, he worked at the Koishi restaurant in Brno More…