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Phelim Kine (CAN)

human rights researcher and advocate

„To approach a problem of criminality, using a death penalty as a solution is absolutely wrong.“


Phelim Kine is the director of Research and Investigations at Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), supporting and expanding PHR’s framework of investigating, documenting, and advocating to prevent human rights abuses. Before joining PHR, Phelim spent eleven years at Human Rights Watch (HRW) doing research and advocacy on countries including China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Afghanistan as a researcher, advocate and deputy director of HRW’s Asia division.

  Prior to becoming a human rights researcher and advocate, Phelim was an Asia-based foreign correspondent in countries including Taiwan, Cambodia, China, and Indonesia. Phelim is an adjunct More…

Meet Phelim Kine (CAN)

Phelim Kine on Duterte's War on the Poor and Human Rights (2017)