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Petr Nikl (CZE)

painter, writer, musician and theater artist

„I like to express myself in all forms and when what I do is almost for all of the senses.“


Rather than a Renaissance-like artist, he calls himself a multidisciplinary jester. A versatile artist who never ceases to marvel, experiment and combine traditional art forms. His work is playful and spontaneous, combining graphics, word, music and performance with no pigeonholing. He has written and illustrated a dozen books for children and playful individuals, and has won several major awards for them. His books have also been published abroad.

  Petr Nikl was born and educated in fine arts. His mother was a toy designer, his father was an academic painter. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. You can recognize More…

Meet Petr Nikl (CZE)

Petr's performance Pijavice (Leech)