Lecture in language


Pavel Kořínek (CZE)


„The Diamira wall of the dreaded eight-thousand-foot Nanga Parbat has long been troubling us, but in the end it let us feel not only the pleasure of discovery, but also the ultimate happiness. Plus, we all got back from the 'Killer Mountain' alive, though a little frostbitten.“


A participant of several climbing expeditions to Pamir, Tian Shan, Eastern and Western Himalayas has successfully climbed Pik Lenin (7,132 m), Pik Korzhenevskaya (7,105 m), Chan-Tengri (7,010 m) and Nanga Parbat (8,126 m) over recent years. In 2017, after two years of preparation, he reached to the top of Minya Konky (7,556 m) in the Sichuan Himalayas as the first Czech.