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Ondřej Doule (CZE)

space architect, expert in human spaceflights

„If we can build a base on the Moon, it should be much easier on Mars. The conditions there are much less extreme than on the Moon.“


He works at the Florida Institute of Technology, where he researches human spaceflights. He also lives in Florida. He focuses on strategic planning and system design for humans in the extreme environment of the universe. In collaboration with NASA, he planned a base on Mars, worked on the design of the orbital Hotel Omicron. He has focused on the development of future dwellings in space. Along with his work in Florida, he is an active architect and today rather a consultant of architecture in the Czech Republic.

  Ondřej graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague, and then continued his postgraduate studies in Design Theory. While doing his doctoral research, More…