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Moonlight Benjamin (HTI/FRA)

captivating singer and voodoo priestess

„It was not the music itself that interested me, but the idea of using it to claim about everything that was going on in the country and that was unacceptable. And in the course of time, I understood that music was my calling.“


She describes her music as a blend of voodoo and rock’n’roll. Born in Haiti and living in France, Moonlight Benjamin is both a voodoo priestess and a powerful singer and songwriter with an impressive vocal range. Her voice does not leave anyone cold. The title track of her album Siltane is one of the songs of the year. The Guardian calls her the Caribbean Patti Smith.

  Born moments after her mother's death, she literally came to the world with prayers. She was brought to an orphanage where Reverend Doucet Alvarez, fascinated by the story, said, 'If More…

Meet Moonlight Benjamin (HTI/FRA)

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