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Mnislav Zelený Atapana (CZE)

ethnologist, anthropologist and traveler, Amazonian Indians‘ brother, writer and journalist

„The environment of the Indians is the entire cosmos. They don't want to change the world like we do. They want to understand it. However I look at it, we just seem poor compared to them.“


Thanks to his stay among the Amazonian Indians, the cultural anthropologist Mnislav Zelený became not only a renowned expert on the life and culture of the indigenous tribes of the Amazon, but, above all, their friend. In 1989 he was adopted by the Jawalapiti tribe and honoured with the name Atapana, which means Leaf of a Green Palm.


  Nearly fifty years ago, a fresh graduate of ethnology left his home and headed straight to South America. Mnislav earned the money for his very first trips on his own: he built More…