Lecture in language


Martin Hála (CZE)

sinologist, director of the Sinopsis project

„From the very beginning the Czech position towards China has been practically based on laying our cards on the table. That's not how we deal with them.“


The founder and director of Sinopsis.cz, a joint initiative of the Department of East Asian Studies of the Philosophical Faculty in Prague and the association AcaMedia. Martin has two doctorates in sinology. He studied in Prague, Taiwan, Shanghai, Berkeley, and Harvard. He taught sinology in Prague and Bratislava, lived in Hong Kong and led several projects in various Asian countries. For a long time he has pointed out the problematic Czech-Chinese relations and the approach of Czech politicians to China.

  The goal of the project Sinopsis.cz, that Martin co-founded with his colleague Olga Lomová, is to give a regular overview of what is happening in China from the perspective of Chinese, More…