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Manari Ushigua (ECU)

traditional healer and leader of the Sápara Nation of the Amazon, defender of the Rights of the nature

„I like to heal people, this is my contribution to the world, and the spirits from the forest help me in this work.“


Inside the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest, there is a nation called Sápara. The village of less than 500 people is preserved by UNESCO as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” because their language and culture are in danger of disappearing. The respected Akameno (authority) of the nation, Manari Ushigua, is perfectly connected to his land and committed never to cease protecting it from exploitation.

  Manari’s ancestors, including his father and grandfather, were powerful shamans of the semi-nomadic tribe of Sápara. Manari was designated as their successor to lead the territorial defense More…

Meet Manari Ushigua (ECU)

Manari Ushigua at the 2018 San Francisco Annual Luncheon
Interview with Manari for Dartington TV
Message from Manari Ushigua