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Kamila Kielar (POL)

traveler, adventurer, wildlife photographer

„Never let yourself be controlled by fear. It would block you from reaching the goals you have set.“


An adventurer and far north specialist with years spent in Alaska, Canada, and Lapland on adventures and research. She has solo kayaked on Pacific waters in British Columbia, Canada in search fo spirit bears, the rarest species of bears in the world. Solo biked through Yukon in winter, Alaska, Kamchatka, done XC skiing adventures in Northwest Territories, solo hiked Pacific Crest
Trail. Stayed with Canadian/Alaskan trappers, biologists, and rangers. Prized with Colossus and twice nominated to National Geographic Traveler prize.

  Kamila Kielar is a public speaker and storyteller on biggest travel festivals, events and conferences in Poland, Europe and occasionally in Canada (so far with up to 6k audience). She More…