Lecture in language


Jonathan Terra (USA)

Political scientist, security analyst, strategic communication specialist, documentary film producer, media commentator, former diplomat

„A successful lie is a two-way transaction. The person being deceived must accept a lie as ‘truth’ in order for it to take root, spread and influence people’s perception of reality. A liberal education and fearless critical thinking are the best defense against the destructive influence of lies. This is especially true in a time when a confusing cocktail of misinformation (partial truths intended to manipulate), disinformation (outright lies intended to deceive) and credible, fact-based information served up via social media and news media echo chambers exploits our cognitive biases and compels us to accept narratives that offer simple explanations of a complex, and often troubling, world.“


He has spent the past 30 years focusing on international and domestic political change after the collapse of communism and, more recently, during the backsliding of democracy in the face of populism and nationalism across the globe. The rise of “illiberal politics” and demagogic political leaders who seek to subvert the truth as a means of achieving and holding onto power has led to him to focus increasingly on information warfare as an element of contemporary politics.

  Recent projects include working as an analyst for NATO focusing on counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, strategic communication and combatting hybrid warfare & disinformation. His More…