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Jiří Pelcl (CZE)

architect, designer, professor at Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague

„I like a multicultural society but there is lack of it in our country. We only have some Vietnamese, Ukrainians and a few Chinese people. Thanks God for them. I also like hot coffee and boiling soup and I don't like anything lukewarm, including people.“


You can meet him at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, his work is literally spread all over the world. Jiří Pelcl is a renowned designer who has devoted his work to designing public and private interiors, architecture, furniture, glass, and porcelain design. He has implemented a number of interiors of prestigious buildings including interiors of the Prague Castle for President Václav Havel, the Embassy in Rome and Pretoria, the Czech House in Malmö and many others.

  Jiří currently lectures at the Academy of Arts, where he worked as a rector from 2002 to 2005. In addition to his practical work, he focuses on design theory, publishes and lectures More…