Lecture in language


Jan Libich (CZE/AUS)

International university teacher, popularizer of the economic research

„Research shows that a first-rate elementary school teacher can increase the total income of his or her pupil on average by several millions and intensify (not only by this) their future life satisfaction. However, a teacher in the Czech Republic earns as much as any of his or her colleagues and by one half less than their schoolmates working in a different field.“


The route of Jan Libich started in Ostrava, then continued through his studies in Prague, work experience in Brazil, New Zealand and Britain all the way to Australia. He has been giving lectures on economy at local universities for 17 years and since 2013 has worked at the Faculty of Economics at VSB - Technical University of Ostrava. He has been awarded by his students a lecturer of the year at La Trobe University in Melbourne and in 2012 won a prize of the Australian government for his merits to students. He was also a member of a committee awarding inspirational Czech teachers a Global Teacher Prize Czech Republic.


  In recent years his research has focused on the area of education with the attempt to help improve the Czech education system (e.g. recent debates on the Czech TV in “Vaclav Moravec Questions” More…