Lecture in language


Hana Dvorská (CZE)

stuntwoman, sportswoman in terms of body and soul

„I have been doing sports all my life and that has helped me to become a stuntwoman. Most of all, however, I like to make people move. In nature, with humor and simplicity, with love and humility towards all of my clients. To make them happy with my workout every day. The achievements are secondary.“


A fragile beauty, yet strong as steel. A PE teacher by education, she works as a fitness instructor, a personal trainer, a parachute instructor, a racing competitions organizer and participant. Hana is the oldest active stuntwoman in the world. She had suffered all the injuries you can imagine, doubled Angelina Jolie and Nastassja Kinski in a burning car, cooperated with Brad Pitt. She appeared in the movies Troy, Indiana Jones, Les Misérables… She organizes bootcamps for people who want to move. She works out hard every day. Will she reveal her recipe for success and being in good shape to us?