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Donna De Lory (USA)

Renowned dancer, composer and mantra singer, former vocalist of Madonna

„There’s a quote I love from Anandamayi Ma; “Though the dance of creation changes around me, in the hall of eternity I shall remain the same.“

A successful singer who has appeared on the albums of world-class stars such as Madonna and Leonard Cohen. Donna was a vocalist and dancer in their close teams for nearly 20 years. She then moved on to her own solo career and released many albums devoted mainly to mantras and yoga music with a spiritual touch. Her latest album, released in 2018, is called Here in Heaven.


Donna De Lory was a bit hidden in Madonna’s shadow for long time before she finally decided to start singing alone. Her services were also used by Leonard Cohen or Belinda Carlisle. She was at the top More…

Meet Donna De Lory (USA)

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