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Diana Rádl Rogerová (CZE)

managing Partner of Deloitte Czech Republic

„The world is moving at a great speed and people have to adapt more quickly. In the past, skill sets used to last 10 years but today the lifecycle of every skill ends after 2.5 to 5 years.“


Diana Rádl Rogerová is the Managing Partner at Deloitte Czech Republic and the member of the Executive committee of Deloitte Central Europe. She was one of the top 25 businesswomen in the Czech Republic for 2018, and under her able guidance Deloitte became the no.1 consultancy firm in the country. She has played a major role in transforming Deloitte as a futuristic and a talent driven organization.

  As a leader, she believes firmly in driving innovation through young talent, education and technology. She has helped pilot many projects involving kids and teens where they are educated More…